GMO Zealot, Insurance Salesman, Greg Johnson Misses Facts Again!

In my last post I pointed out the difficulty GMO Zealot, Greg Johnson, has with facts when it comes to writing his column.  One would think after our last tussle, he would be more careful.  But apparently Mr. Johnson takes the Super Dave approach to expository writingImage with apparent equal success.  In this column GMO zealot Greg Johnson works on the premise that somehow my position on food choice is weakened by a Monsanto VP winning an award for GMO research. 

I don’t see what difference it makes to be awarded a prize for GMO research funded to a large degree by the GMO industry.  I certainly don’t think its inappropriate.  Chambers of Commerce and other trade organizations gather for fancy dinners to pat each other on the back all the time.  The issue is facts seem to be elusive to zealots, and Greg Johnson is not an exception to the rule. In the several columnar inches devoted to this piece, zealot Johnson fails to mention the funding behind the World Food Prize.  Also, GMO zealot Johnson ignores the prize’s tie to the “incredibly dangerous” Obama “cult of personality”  My mother had a favorite saying:

Don’t pull your arm out of socket patting yourself on the back.

A quick look at the funding spreadsheet for the World Food Prize Foundation finds it is top heavy with donors having close industry and agenda ties to the GMO Agribusinesses, including $4 million from the taxpayers of Iowa, who produce one of the largest GMO cornImage crops in America.  Apparently, GMO zealot Greg Johnson only worries about taxpayer money and the Obama “cult” when it suits him.  Forget the ?? next to my name. It is Greg Johnson that has bought the whole slab of globaloney.

My position is simple.  If the people in the European Union, Russia, or Japan have choices over GMO food, my neighbor down the street should too.     

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