Government Lost in Space; Debtstar of the Republic

“You know Government is out of control, when Congress speaks in trillions of dollars, while scientists still talk about billions of stars.” – Frank Niceley

ImageThere are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way.  If every dollar of our National Debt were a star, it would be equivalent to 159 Milky Ways. Moreover, if you traveled at the speed of light, itImage would take 16 million years to get from one side of the debt to the other.  If you could view earth from the other side of our massive debt galaxy, dinosaurs would still be roaming the planet, instead of occupying the US Senate as they do now.

Still too hard to imagine the financial black hole America is being sucked into? The entire cost of the NASA Apollo Imageprogram that put a man on the moon was $100 billion in today’s dollars, or roughly one years cost of Food Stamps to the taxpayers.  TARP 2 was seven times the cost of putting a man on the moon.  So, the next starry night, go outside and gaze at the stars and imagine what kind of future we are leaving for future generations of Americans.  May the force be with you.     

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