The Courage to Stand Alone Makes Duncan Outstanding on Farm Bill

“I am at liberty to vote as my conscience and judgment dictates to be right, without the yoke of any party on me… Look at my arms, you will find no party hand-cuff on them. ”
David Crockett

These words of Congressman David “Davy” Crockett sadly are more folklore than reality in Congress today.  It is a rare occurrence when a member of the majority party votes against the Speaker of the House.  Thursday, Congressman Jimmy Duncan stood alone as the only Republican among Tennessee’s seven GOP members voting against the near $1 trilliion Farm Bill.

ImageThe Senate passed the bill a few days earlier by a wide margin.  Speaker Boehner announced his support.  In fact, the majority of Rep. Duncan’s GOP House Caucus was behind the bill. Still Conservatives, myself included, railed against the pork laden subsidies for corporate farming and anemic curbs on food stamps that account for 80% of the legislation’s costs, with little or nothing to assist small farmers.  Rep. Duncan has long Imagesupported reforming crop insurance and farm subsidies.  Farmers need less regulation and interference from regulators than handouts.  Government policies destroyed the dairy farms in Tennessee under the guise of supports.  There has been a 42% increase in Tennessee families receiving food stamps.  No one would deny hungry families, but we have had to curb use of EBT cards from strip clubs and casinos in Tennessee.

In the end the Farm Bill was over 1,000 pages and weighed 24 lbs.  I joked earlier that the Armed Forces were considering the ability to lug the Farm Bill around a gender neutral test for combat positions, as it weighed almost half as much as a tank round.  However, besides the usually porcine padding and loopholes for large multi-national Imageagribusiness, this Farm Bill went out of its way to be creative with government largesse.  Included among the pages and pages of pork, the declaration of Martha’s Vineyard (left), tony playground for the rich as famous, as an agricultural zone, making the summer homes and mansions eligible for government backed mortgages.  Clearly, Rep. Jimmy Duncan made a courageous, but common sense vote in helping defeat this bill.  It will stand beside his prophetic vote against the Iraq War as one of his defining statesmanlike votes in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I remain proud to call Jimmy Duncan my Congressman.

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6 Responses to The Courage to Stand Alone Makes Duncan Outstanding on Farm Bill

  1. richard olaik says:

    Excellent description of the absurdity of thousand page laws. The public feels helpless that our government continues to write laws, no one normal, can read or understand. That is not what the legislature was designed for. The legislature, is their for the people. Not to simply pork us to death as a nation.Or strangle us with endless regulations. The worlds economy is shrinking, due to the foolishness of ACA, Dodd-Frank, and the EPA choke hold. In comparison, while obsolete, Glass-steagall, was 3 pages long, any average american could read and understand it, and it worked, for over half a century. No depression. Until it was tinkered with, and watered down.

  2. richard olaik says:

    I will write a new immigration bill right here, right now, in minutes. Build a fence across the border. It can be chain link, with barbed wire at top. Post 30 soldiers every 50 miles. have drones with IRDS every 20 miles, on patrol. REQUIRE all local police, to arrest any non-citizen, they come across in the regular course of their duties. Have local police, use local detectives to sweep local businesses for non-citizen employees. Any business found to have non-citizen employees, SHALL BE SHUT DOWN! OUT OF BUSINESS! NO BUSINESS PERMIT.No need for penaltys or fines. SImple..YOUR OUT OF BUSINESS. NO officer or proprietor, shall be permitted, to reopen ANY business, AGAIN! Harsh? How much is the fence and surveillance of the fence, gonna cost our nation?YES ITS HARSH! Pretty simple. Thank you for your time. Oh, legal immigration? I leave that to the bean counters to figure out proper levels of immigrants from each country, so as NOT to be a SHOCK to our nations basic culture, or to allow in simply every impoverished person of the planet, for our taxpayers, to care for. We are a generous people. The Lord never said to give away all you have, to charity. Just what you can afford, and choose to. It is wrong, for our government to assume the roll of savior of every nation and person on the planet. Different cultures evolve at different rates. As you have already learned, the muslim nations, are having HUGE problems, with the concept of freedom. Apparently, it is in direct conflict with their belief system.

  3. richard olaik says:

    1000 pages? I wrote a immigration bill in a paragraph. Mark it up.

  4. Eric H says:

    “Over 42% of Tennessee families receive food stamps.”

    Frank, where did you get this statistic? I know I have seen the 110% increase since Barry Sotero usurped office, but thought the average was 21% statewide (matching nationwide number).

  5. Eric H says:

    Richard said:
    “Have local police, use local detectives to sweep local businesses for non-citizen employees. “

    What will you call them? The 4th Amendment Haters Club?

    Our federal governments WANTS the illegals here. Heck, we’ve been importing them into Nashville, Clarksville, Shelbyville for years.

  6. frankniceley says:

    Good catch Eric. That should have been increase. I do think we are closer to 30% though from a WPLN story this week.

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