Fleece Navidad; US Senate Moves Christmas to July With Immigration Bill

“At over 1,200 pages and 24 lbs., the Senate Immigration Bill is so laden and unwieldy, the Armed Forces could use lugging it around as a gender neutral test for combat duty.”  Frank Niceley


Not Bad for Government Work

While the debate raged for weeks over the primacy of amnesty vs. border security (put me down on the border security side), Santa’s helpers were busy in the Capitol backrooms crafting presents for good boys and girls who would vote yes on the bill, now known as the Corker-Hoeven Amendment.

The Corker-Hoeven amendment was a massive cut and paste job on the legislation that turned an already confusing pile of paper into one more Washington pork barrel fiasco.  Fifteen GOP Senators slid down the chimney opening the goodie bag for key votes.  Some of the more glaring examples include:

  1. Permanent allocation of $100 million to promote destination tourism, including Las Vegas
  2. A two year, $3 billion youth jobs program which includes their transportation needs.
  3. Fast tracking visas for Celebrities and Athletes, including fee waivers if not processed in 14 days.

Worse still is the analysis of Senator Ted Cruz, pointing out incentives for businesses to lay off american citizens and legal immigrants to hire amnesty applicants as replacements.


Scram Kid The Bag is Empty

My questions are simple.  Why would Republican Senators place any trust in the Obama Administration to enforce any border security measure?  They have shown a willingness to ignore the existing law, exactly how is this different? Poll after poll has shown the American people to be reasonable on the issue of immigration. Large majorities support securing the Southern border first, then and only then dealing with the illegal crossers already within our borders.

One can make the argument for humane treatment of the law abiding border crosser who only desires economic opportunity.  But no one can make a valid argument, that their interests should be placed above those of legal citizens and documented visa holders.

Under the Senate bill the illegal border crosser will be rewarded, while all that is left of the Senate’s Christmas in July for taxpayers and documented visitors will be switches and lumps of coal, even as the Obama Administration seeks to snatch even the lump of coal.

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