KnoxNews Columnist Greg Johnson Called out by Colleague; Resorts to Internet Trolling

A rule of thumb in social media is “don’t feed the internet trolls.”  A time proven axiom in politics is “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” Before I violate both dictates, I’ll stipulate Columnist, GMO Zealot, Insurance salesman, Greg ImageJohnson is perfectly entitled to his opinion.  My only interest is clearing up his gross misrepresentation of mine.  A few weeks ago, he wrote a column assailing my speech to the Knoxville March on Monsanto.  One of my early blogposts pointed out how false his claims prove to be.   Greg’s column was so devoid of facts and full of dishonesty, now another columnist has called him out for his dishonesty and sloppy fact checking.

Rikki Hall, Metropulse columnist and certainly no fan of my conservative views, jumped straight to the heart of the issue:

News Sentinel columnist Greg Johnson knows how to please the powerful. He wrote an appallingly dishonest column about Niceley. Instead of criticizing Niceley’s policies, Johnson claimed Niceley wanted to ban GMO crops. The senator had only proposed labeling products containing GMO ingredients.

Rikki Hall; Metropulse; June 26, 2013.

Here’s the speech, which to this day I’m convinced Greg Johnson has never watched:

Any normal person would take the criticism to heart and either print a retraction, or simply move on.  However, that is not the case with GMO Zealot, Insurance salesman, and now Internet Troll, J. Greg Johnson.  Last night while checking my messages I noticed a request to add a comment on my rebuttal to GMO Zealot, Insurance salesman Greg Johnson’s column.  It was from Greg himself, who has now apparently moved on to troll my blogposts! Since he desired it to be published, here is his comment in full:

  So sorry I offended your credentials but when you hang out with anti-GMO crowd your position can be a bit clouded. But I’m
still waiting for some basic answers to some simple questions: Now that billions of people have eaten trillions of meals Image
containing GMOs over the decades, how many have become ill? We both know the honest answer to that question. It appears
you’ve joined with the artists, the anarchists, the socialists and anti-capitalists here, Frank, to try to ignore and deny science and return us to our agrarian past. Or to ate [sic] least benefit small farmers, of which you are one. Oh yes, and I’m not an insurance salesman nor am I a GMO zealot – I just believe in capitalism and feeding as many people as possible as cheaply as possible and don’t want people to starve because the fact-free histrionics of the uninformed or those who, like
you, have a vested interest in raising food prices.

J. Greg Johnson, GMO Zealot, Insurance salesman, Internet Troll

No Greg, you didn’t offended my credentials; you LIED about my credentials.  Zealots DO tend to label others through guilt by association.  Zealots set up straw man arguments Imageattempting to FORCE a defense of a false premise.  Unlike Zealots such as YOU, I support a two tiered system of both mass production and community based agriculture.  And Zealots have no problem LYING to cover up LIES. The purpose of capitalism is NOT an endless supply of cheap goods.  The purpose of capitalism is to provide a market structure that responds to consumer demands and desires.  An endless supply of cheap goods such as food was the purpose of every SOVIET FIVE YEAR plan from 1918 til their collapse. Finally, how DARE you say I have a “vested interest” in increased food prices? Farming is a business like any other.  I seek to fill customer demand by producing a product that meets that demand.  The market sets the price for that product, certainly not the farmer.

Asked and answered. 



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