Who is Frank Niceley?

speakingFrank Niceley is a Tennessee State Senator from the six county 8th District, as well as an 8th generation East Tennessean.  Frank and his family own and operate RiverplainsFarm.com in Jefferson County, 400 acres along the Holston River.  Frank was first elected as Representative in 1988, serving until an unsuccessful run for the State Senate in 1992 for the same seat he holds today.  Frank Niceley returned to the State House in 2002, serving as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee in 2011-2012.  In state government Frank has been a strong advocate for private property rights, 2nd and 10th Amendment Rights, as well as small farmers.  Largely due to his efforts in Agriculture, Tennessee is recognized by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund as one of the top five Food Free states in America.


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    Very pleased to meet you.

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